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Normek Oy
Pakkalankuja 7
FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland
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Normek Oy - facades is specialized in the facade element systems.

The thermoelement system of Normek Oy - facades is based on the load bearing light and galvanized steel framing combinations. It is important to point out that heat insulation capacity is equal to the same size wood framing systems.

The thermoelements can be manufactured in large sizes, for example in the office buildings, the floor height can be 3,4 meters and bay 8,4 meters. The wall elements can be furnished already in the factory with windows, doors, sun blinds etc.

The preparation of thermoelements can be prefabricated to very high level, the elements from the interior wall materials (cypsum board, acoustic board etc.) to the completed surface of external wall (steel cassette, stone tiling etc.)

Thermoelement system can be used as base and intermediate floor elements.

Please check our facade projects in the "References" -section.