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Normek Oy
Pakkalankuja 7
FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland
Tel +358 20 420 7000

Normek Oy

Normek operating principle has been devided into product sectors:

Steel Constructing

Normek Oy:

  • The profit centre of Industrial Projects delivers steel frames for industrial building projects, mainly to the domestic market but also for the foreign projects
    the profit centre of Building Projects delivers steel frames for office, business and sport building projects in domestic market
  • The profit centre of Export Projects delivers steel frames to Scandinavia, Germany, Rssia, Baltics, etc.
  • The profit centre of Steel Bridges projects delivers steel bridge projects for Finnish and Scandinavian markets

Normek Sverige AB:

  • steel bridges for the Swedish market
  • steel frames for the Swedish market
  • steel structures for industrial buildings in Sweden

Facade Constructing,  Normek Oy:

  • glass & aluminium facade system
  • glass & steel facade system
  • Glass canopies and glass roofing for the Finnish and Scandinavian markets
  • light exterior wall element products based on the steel thermoelement system

Naturally, our comprehensive services of construction systems and products include detailed design, manufacturing and erection work as well as defect liability.

We look forward to our cooperation in the near future enabling us mutually to create modern and sophisticated, costs efficient steel structure and / or facade system for your requirements.

Additional information about the services and activities will be given by
Managing Director Jari Bremer
tel +358 20 420 7018