West Terminal 2 – Port of Helsinki

West Terminal 2 is part of the Twin Port project of the Harbours of Helsinki and Tallinn, where harbours operations are being developed with new investments in both – freight and passenger transport areas. Normek Oy participated in the project by implementing the high quality steel frame of the building and challenging glass facades ordered by YIT Rakennus Oy. The project manager is Jukka Vuori.

The modern, exceptionally distinctive design of the terminal resembles a water jet aircraft from above. The building has a total of 6,200 square meters of glass – it is unique designed, also perceived as a huge glass sculpture. Normek designed, delivered and installed the glass facades of the terminal as a whole – including the 350-meter passenger corridors and 20-meter-high terminal building glass facades as well as sliding and exterior doors. According to custom orders, glass elements were made by Lasiluoto Oy, which operates in Piikkiö.

The special shape of the building brought challenges from the design point of view. Based on Tuomas Silvennoinen’s architectural plan, Normek Oy elaborated its own drawings on façade implementation. Glazing profiles, metrics and manufacturing instructions were delivered to subcontractors. As the elements were completed in accordance with the implementation and installation design, Normek started the installation phase on the construction site. Parts of the steel frame were manufactured in Normek’s own factories in Oulu, Naarajärvi and Alavuus. Massive deliveries were handled by fast and reliable logistics.

Terminal 2 is specifically intended as other final stop for busy passenger and freight traffic between Tallinn and Helsinki. Passengers are entertained by numerous services, for example a 300-seat summer terrace – offering spectacular ocean views of the Baltic Sea. The new terminal maximizes the comfort and smoothness of travel, shortening walking distances considerably between terminal and the ship – up to 500 meters. The design group has also paid attention to environmental friendliness. For example, the energy used for lighting is partly produced by solar panels.

The construction was started in November 2015. For steel frames and glass facades, the contract was completed by the end of 2016. This nearly one year long compact project succeeded in keeping up with the schedule, although the scheduling plan was tighter than ever. The windy weather conditions in the Baltic Sea contributed to the installation of glass elements – a severe wind reduced the number of possible working days delaying completion. However, thanks to hard-working employees working 12-hour a day and skilled management group – the contract was completed in time. Markku Peurala, who is in charge of the facets wants to send his special thanks to the design team – any at all design mistakes occurred during the installation process.

Normek was immediately interested in the West Terminal 2 challenging project. The winning bid and the title of trusted, largest operator in the market guaranteed this project as well. The successes included technically excellent performance in addition to staying on schedule as planned. Main contractor YIT has been satisfied with the implementation itself and with the smooth cooperation with Normek Oy.

The opening ceremony of West Terminal 2 was celebrated on February 27, 2017 when the passenger terminal was officially opened for use by seafarers earlier than planned. The terminal will serve 4-5 million passengers annually.

West Terminal 2 won the Steel Structure Award of the year 2017

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