Isoisänsilta – “Grandfather’s bridge”

Isoisänsilta is designed by Finnish engineering company Pontek – specializing in bridge technology. Their sketch “tiger hay” won the bridge competition with its spectacularness and dynamism. Kreate chose Normek as a contractor mainly based on the previous bridge building experience – relying on Normek keeping the project on a tight schedule as desired.

The bridge located in Kalasatama was named after Isoisänniemi, where the other side of the bridge ends. The orthotropic steel arch bridge is 170 meters long – having the longest chords of all light traffic bridges in Helsinki. It consists of a total of 34 pieces of massive cover and arc blocks. The overlay structure is thus entirely made of steel and the 7-meter cover hangs on the arc with the help on 22 pillars. The centre part of the bridge is 4 meters wide and under the bridge there is a 7-meter lane for waterborne traffic.

A total of up to 750,000 kilograms weighing parts were delivered from Normek’s Oulu factory, with special deliveries all the way to Helsinki. Heavy cargo offered challenges to the logistics. The parts had to be lifted in place by the crane working above cars – lifting work that required special attention and caution was a real challenge for the project group.

Normek remained once again successful on schedule set by the customer, building office Kreate. The first cover sections were installed in March 2015, the last curved block in mid-July. In total, the bridge contract took 2 years to be completed. The project involved 4 welders, 2 assemblers and a management team – that was constantly monitoring the progress of the project on site – ensuring a first quality class. Normek used a measurer during the installation phase that secured the fit every bond to a couple of millimeters.

“Grandfather’s bridge” offers a direct connection between Kalasatama and Mustikkamaa. Fast access to the Korkeasaari Animal Park and to the REDI shopping centre opening in 2018 will be expected to attract local visitors and tourists as the walking distance will be reduced considerably.

According to Matti Norman, the project manager the bridge is a unique creation. Norman has been involved in a hundred bridge projects before but for this creation he has it’s own special value. The uniqueness and the quality is also reminded by the Bridge Award of the Building Engineers Association, RIL awarded in 2017.

The opening ceremony was celebrated on first of June 2016, when the first walkers took their first steps on the steel bridge. Someone even came up with an idea climbing dangerously on the arches just to enjoy the sunshine.

The area of Mustikkamaa offers idyllic natural landscapes with verdant vegetation and beautiful shores. The place is perfect for relaxation in the middle of the busy city life of Helsinki. The area has been praised by visitors as it provides great opportunities for hobbies like cycling, and Nordic walking.

Normek Oy again proved its reliability and project expertise in this time-consuming and demanding bridge project. The positive feedback from the customer certifies this true.

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